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A complete platform for your company to create the corporate car sharing operation

The Joycar car sharing software is installed in the vehicles of the organizational fleet, whether owned or rented, so the manager can control the entire operation in real time.
Corporate car sharing: organizational fleet in the right size, shared intelligently and without idleness. Online, efficient and practical management!

Discover the benefits of Joycar for companies with a fleet of vehicles

Dispense the booking worksheets, checklist on paper and stop wasting time looking for and handing keys.

Operational efficiency

100% digital management, simple and intuitive

Cost control

Reduce your fleet by up to 50%

Sustainable operation

Mobility with less impact for the planet

How does it work?

Automated processes and integrated information

Users book through website or app

It is possible to open the car with the badge or cell phone

The key is in the device installed in the glove compartment

Full support to the fleet manager in the implementation of the project

Our team of specialists will assist you in the whole process: installation of the equipment in the cars, preparation of the rules of use and even in the communication plan.

Booking management

Uniform mileage

Hitchhiking platform

Customized checklist

Performance panels

Management module

Keyless door opening

Tracking and telemetry

Works without internet signal or data

Management module

Keyless door opening

Tracking and telemetry

Works without internet signal or data

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The best platform for shared corporate fleet management

Fully digital experience for the user: they book any vehicle, from anywhere, when needed. Fast and uncomplicated.
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Success cases

Find out why large Brazilian and multinational companies are opting for a shared vehicle fleet operation. Get inspired by these success stories!

Como a CPFL reduziu em 97% o tempo de atendimento dos seus chamados

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Kroton implanta frota compartilhada e consegue cortar 43% em custos

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BASF adota tecnologia de car sharing e acaba com a burocracia da locação de carros

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