See how simple it is

Purchase the annual plan and receive the equipment at your home.
Download the Joycar Faster app for free and register yourself.
Go to an automotive accessories store to install the equipment in your car.
Done, your car is a Faster now! Your key is virtual and you share it with friends and family.

Main benefits

Chave virtual
• You don't need to carry the key anymore. • Your car is safer from theft.
• Share only with whomever you want. • Find out who got a ticket with your car.
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Annual Plan

12x R$ 99,00

12x R$ 49,00

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Download the Joycar app

Who is Joycar?

Joycar is a platform which helps companies to create 100% automated shared fleets.

Who trusts in our technology?

Certified equipment Anatel

Clear your questions

1. How do I know if the Joycar Faster is compatible with my car?
You can install it on any vehicle with electric door locks.
2. What happens if my cellphone has no signal?
There's no trouble. The doors are opened and closed by Bluetooth.
3. Why my car become safer?
When you close the car by the app, the Joycar Faster blocks the motor start.
4. How do I do a valet service?
Hand over your car key the same way you did before you had Joycar Faster.
5. How do I install the equipment in my vehicle?
We recommend that you go to an automotive accessories store to do the installation. If you still have any question about the equipment, count on with our online support.
6. How long does the installation take?
It can vary between one to two hours.
7. Can I rent my car and charge for it?
Coming soon! We are working on this functionality. Notify me when this feature is available.
8. I am a rental company and I want to optimize my business. Is there a business plan?
Sure! See our solutions for companies clicking here.
9. I still have questions... How can I contact you?
Contact our online support via chat or email.


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