Smart motor pool management

A new experience to manage your fleet, without spreadsheets, checklist on paper and car keys handling.
Pool de Veículos

How does it works?

Our team of specialists will assist you the whole process: from hardware installation and rules definition throughout a plan to communicate the news to employees.

Cars can be booked on web, app or WhatsApp

The car key can be found on the glove compartment


Gestão de Reservas
Booking Management
The usage of each car is optimized in order to achieve the best productivity.
Plataforma de carona
Carpooling Embedded
This feature connects people in order to avoid two cars being booked to the same destination.
Controle de Km
Our hardware tracks travel distance and it keeps the total mileage of each car well balanced
Checklist customizado
Customizable checklist
The fleet manager can create as many checklist questions as they want
Comandos remotos
Over the air commands
It's possible to remotely prevent the car engine to start or even block the car fuel injection.
Avaliação dos motoristas
Driver Performance Score
Traffic violations
Usage behavior
Licence expiration
Traveled route
Speed tracking

Great companies use and trust our technology.

"In addition to cutting costs, today we know who used the car, where and for how long. Having real-time information has increased efficiency for performing preventive and corrective maintenance."
Mobility Manager