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Who are we?

We’re an uncomplicated car rental, created to simplify your life. Through our system, you manage the whole renting process online, with no paperwork, always counting with our help and support.
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How can we
simplify your life?

simplify 1

I have a car, but don’t need to use it everyday

You can sell it and use Joycar instead. No more worrying about insurance, registration, fees, taxes and maintenance costs.

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I use public transportation/bicycle/walk a lot. However, from time to time, I do need a car.

Have Joycar inside your own garage and you will have a car anytime you need, without having to by one.

simplify 3

I need a second car for my driving restriction days or whenever my car is in repair.

Consider Joycar as your second car. Just book your rides online and off you go!

simplify 4

I want to contribute with the environment

With Joycar’s system, giving a ride to your neighbors is easy. While booking your ride, be sure to select “Ride Sharing”, and input your time of departure and your destination. With just one click, your neighbors will be able to send an email to you asking for a lift.

simplify 5

I want to travel, but my car is not in a good condition.

When you have Joycar inside your garage, this is no longer a problem. All of our vehicles are carefully maintained, so you can travel peacefully!

simplify 6

I spend too much money on cabs

With Joycar inside your garage, you will be able to ride without having to worry about taximeters, traffic, time, distance and unpleasant surprises upon payment.

simplify 7

I’m tired of calling taxi companies, waiting and hoping for the car to arrive on time.

Simplify your life: have Joycar in your garage and end those long waits and unpleasant surprises.


Advantages of joining Joycar

saving money

Try it and see for yourself: renting a car with Joycar is more cost-effective then buying a new one or using taxi. You can drive as much as you want to without worrying about insurance, registration, fees, taxes and maintenance costs.

helping the planet

If you don’t need a car every day, using Joycar is more eco-friendly then buying one. If you already have one, Joycar is a greener alternative for purchasing a second vehicle.

You can also give lifts, using the option “Share my Rides”. That way, you can help reduce the number of cars in your town.


From any computer, make a reservation in a car that is inside your garage. Renting a vehicle was never so simple!


User’s Manual

Carsharing is pleasant and peacefull, as long as everybody follow a few simple rules. We count our client’s good behavior and constant feedbacks.
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